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he just fucking stands there like 
"Da FUQ iz THIS?!…..Fuck it."


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the look on their faces though. its like “omfg, charles. charles, charles. THE HUMAN IS WAVING. WAVE BACK, HURRY.”

omg cutest ever


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That mop has fabulous hair


Photo 13 Feb 5 notes This is a very good photo representation of how I feel 90% when I’m trying to be cool.

This is a very good photo representation of how I feel 90% when I’m trying to be cool.

Photo 9 Feb 3 notes I’m not sure how I feel about OkCupid’s idea of me……

I’m not sure how I feel about OkCupid’s idea of me……

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drinking wine in bed

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fucking incredible

Escuse u, but the definition of feminism is equality. I believe what you be protesting is feminazism.

I need feminism because of the skewed views people like you choose to ignorantly spew.

Dear people who disagree with this post,

Feminism is sexist.


It’s in the very name. feminism.

Men have just as many disadvantages. They aren’t allowed to cry, do housework, be a hairdresser, sew/knit, and they’re expected to hold the door open for women, give up their seats, pay for the meal, spoil the woman, be the main source of income, and so much more.

Feminism is just fighting for the “rights” of women only. Feminists want all the rights of a man, with none of the drawbacks.

I propose we start a new belief rights group thing. Equalism: striving for the rights of all humans, no matter of sex, gender, sexuality, race, age, or any other traits.

Holy motherfuck. As a man teenage boy, whatever, who is certainly aware of the fact that we have problems too, I say that this post is complete and utter BULLSHIT.

Patriarchy is the reason we can’t do supposedly feminine things like cry or do housework. We’re expected to “hold the door open for women, give up their seats, pay for the meal, etc” That’s called being a polite person, maybe? Who ever said women can’t do the same things for men? Where in feminism did it say women wanted special treatment?

And hey, guess what? Feminism a wants to break the patriarchy, which is the source of many of the problems for men! Holy shit!

Now, I’m going to assume the person who accused feminism of sexism is in a position of immense privilege. But so am I, and despite being a well-off, straight white guy, I’m a feminist.

Why am I a feminist? Because women have it a lot worse than men. From my position of privilege, I don’t feel qualified to make a comprehensive list, so I’ll hope someone else will help me with that bit.

I agree wholeheartedly with the person above…. Allow me to expand:

Feminism means equality. If you want to be able to cry, as a man, and not be labelled as a “girl” for doing so, feminism is something you should support (calling someone a woman should not be an insult). Saying something like “men have it just as hard” in a defense is absolutely ridiculous. 

  • If a man is sexually assaulted, is he asked if what he was wearing provoked the attacker?
  • If a man wears a shirt with say, Captain America’s shield on it, is he labelled as a “fake nerd”?
  • If a man sleeps with a woman every day, is he considered “disgusting” and is the act “shameful”?

We are not “playing victim” you sexist fucking idiots (yes, women can be sexist too, it’s part of the whole “equal” thing that feminism has going). We are standing up for our right to do everything a man can do: we have to work twice as hard to get the same pay, for example.

Now, that isn’t to say that men don’t have their own issues because of this fundamentally sexist view you’re promoting:

Men are expected to get what, a few weeks leave if their child is born? A woman gets longer - why can’t men and women have the same amount of leave? because people like you think that we don’t need feminism.

Feminism means equality. The definition of the noun “equal” is a person or thing considered to be the same as another in status or quality. Does this in any way mean “men are evil” or “women are better”? Or are you genuinely that fucking blinded by patriarchy and their ideals of any woman standing up for herself that you think it’s better to sit down and just put up with the kitchen jokes and being called a “bimbo”?

Or, better yet, if you don’t want feminism, we should remove you from having the ability to do anything that feminism has accomplished already.

Without feminism you would not have (among many other things):

  • Your right to vote.
  • Your right to work.
  • The ability to wear anything you want.
  • The crime of rape (if you were raped in an Ancient Greek society, you would have been immediately divorced and considered “soiled” and “impure”).
  • Female writers (Mary Shelley and Emily Bronte had to pretend to be men to have their books published).
  • Female professors.
  • Female politicians.
  • The ability to not have a child (again, in many societies prior to the feminist movement, if you were infertile or didn’t want children, you were a disgrace).

Feminism means equality. It is not to say that men are any less than women, it is the movement that makes men and women equal.

  • A man should be able to wear pink and not look “too girly”.
  • A man should be able to watch Mean Girls or She’s the Man and not be “too girly”.
  • A man should be able to wear make-up and not be “too girly”.
  • A man should be able to hang around with loads of girls without being either a “playa” or “too girly”.

Being feminine is not shameful. I stand for men as well as women. We should be able to do what we want, and be seen as equal. No-one is better than anyone else.

I have to use a MALE pseudonym online so people don’t tell me to shut up because I’m a girl. So people don’t disregard my opinion because I have tits and a fucking vagina. I have to use it so people don’t automatically go “tits or gtfo” or “women shouldn’t like ___”. How fucking stupid do you have to be to think that it’s not intelligence that matters, but what someone has in their pants?

Feminism doesn’t make being a stay at home mother or father any less of a feat. If we were all feminists, we wouldn’t give a flying fuck what people did.

I don’t want kids: everyone tells me “you’ll change your mind” and “it’s the best thing a woman can do”. Do you have any idea how insulting that is? Who cares?

Abortions are necessary. If a woman is raped, or if a man’s condom splits, and you’re not able to get an abortion, you are condemning them to a life of misery.

No birth control? Not only are you promoting the idea that a woman must want to have a child or else she is worthless, you’re also aiding the spread of STDs.

There are so many more things we need before we are 100% equal. It shouldn’t matter what our genitals are at all. Nor should it matter what skin colour you are, what religion you are, what your sexuality is - who gives a fuck?

Yeah, of course we don’t need feminism. Shut up before you lower everyone else’s IQ.

WOW. I can’t believe this shit even needed to be spelled out to these ignorant fucks.


I’m crying
thank you for describing that
hoh my cod thank you I can’t thank you enough

at first i was horrified at the amount of notes on this…. but then i read the comments. thank god.

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Photo 3 Feb 11 notes really distracted from hw atm….

really distracted from hw atm….

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